About Us

We have a true passion for Jewelry.

At MyEmilia we pair beautifully designed, quality handcrafted contemporary jewelry with honest pricing. Our collections are constructed using high-quality materials and are delivered directly to you, without the luxury markup. Each and every product we offer is unique in its own way and has a meaning to the one who wears it. They are designed in a way that when worn, they actually have an effect on you, emotionally.

Unlike pretty much anything else we wear, our jewelry is filled with emotion. While clothes express our personality and self-image through color and style, and hair or makeup reflect what we want the world to think of us, jewelry works very differently.

It can uniquely bring back memories of an event, a person, a time in life or even a mood.  The closest thing we can think of with the same power is music.

The desire to possess something can be so gripping, it can keep you from thinking or doing anything. Find that piece that screams your name and suddenly everything around you becomes blurry. The object you want now has power and momentum, the ability to give you a self-confidence that nothing else could bring.